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Private Jet Hire Gatwick Airport

Many people consider using Gatwick airport for private jet charter as being expensive due to the fact that Gatwick predominantly caters for commercial flights. This is not always the case, we have utilized Gatwick airport for regular clients for years for private jet hire and this is due to many key factors: -

- Operates 24hrs for private jet charter

- A superb VIP terminal for private jet clients - Signature Flight Support

- Easy access to get to from London and the South of England via train

- Good road access as its closeby to the M25 and M23

Private jets to and from Gatwick has been a growing trend for VIP clients, heads of state, sports teams, music artists because the handling facitilites at Gatwick are away from the north and south terminals. Offering a discreet service private jets charter with Charter-a can provide you with the VIP service you expect

Alternative airports within the surrounding areas of London are:-

Biggin Hill Farnborough  |  Luton   | Stansted

We do not recommend as the landing and handling fees there can exceed 4000.00 per landing.

Considering helicoper charter from Gatwick then we do recommend using Redhill Aerodorme. Helicopter hire from Redhill Aerodrome does offer a more cost effective option as the landing fees at Redhill are approx 50.00 for a helicopter, so helicopter transfer from Redhill to London avoids traffic and possible train delays. The journey time by road from Gatwick Airport to Redhill Aerodrome is 10 mins

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Door to Door Service for Jet Hire at Gatwick

Private Jet Gatwick

Gatwick Airport Peak Hours for Landing Fees

Winter is always off peak prices for landing fees

Summer between 06:00 - 11:59 & 17:00 - 18:59

Please note these may change.

When an aircraft weighs over 16 tonne Gatwick airport are waivering all landing and take off fees throughout the winter periods of 2014

And even more, no parking fees between 22:30 - 04:50 in the winter months

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