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Private Jet Charter - Jet Hire with Charter-a Ltd

* Private jet hire available 24hrs a day, 365 days a year

* Competitive jet charter prices and a price match policy

* Access to light jets, super light jets, mid size jets and heavy jets

* A team capable of dealing with whatever your requirements

* A worldwide client base that just keeps on requesting our jet charter services

* Our jet charter team provides the correct advice to satisfy your needs

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Private Jet Hire - No obligation private jet quotes and advice - Please click here for price examples

Our Private Jet Charter Operation provides you with discreet, safe and a personal service to enable you our client to enjoy your travel whether it’s for business or leisure. With direct access to every private jet worldwide we can provide you with exactly what you or your company require. We avoid the hassles of travel and provide our full commitment to your requirements - so please call us and allow the operations team to work on what you want - So whether you need collecting from your office or hotel via a chauffeur driven car to get to the airport of your choice we can organise everything.

With all types of jets available worldwide we can cater for large amount of passengers all wishing to travel together. Spacious private aircraft can also be used as a boardroom for meetings whilst working away or treating the family to a break away either overseas or within the UK. One of the benefits to private air charter is the aircraft can be positioned at many more airports than a commercial airliner can get into avoiding the strains, hassle of parking and regular delays the commercial flight can offer.


Private Jet Types

Click on the selection of Private Jet Types to see just some of the jet options we have available. If you have prefered choice then let us know and we will price to suit your needs

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Challenger Jet Charter Global Jet Charter
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Traveling to business meeting, seminars and functions via a private jet allows you time to relax and prepare for the day ahead. Imagine this - your private jet is booked, your pre cleared through customs prior to the flight date a car is waiting for you to get you to the aircraft and you arrive within 15mins before flying, and when your returning flight time needs to change because your held up in you meeting just let us know and we will deal with it.

Group Travel

Whether your a sports team, wedding party, corporate business or a large family wishing to travel together in the comfort of your own aircraft then our operations team will work on your needs to fulfill your traveling requirements. We provide private jets from 1 - 450 passengers every aircraft can be configured to your budget and satisfaction. Call, e-mail or complete the quote form today for an immediate response

New price examples page specifically for private jet hire from London to UK destinations - Click here

Perhaps you want to fly in style to a European football match then why not ask us, See examples of jet locations for Champions League

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