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Grenchen Airport allows you to travel in luxury. Private jet charter from locations with the UK and Europe offers you a door to door service. At every airport we provide handling agents to take care of you once you arrive. When you decide to charter a private jet with Charter-a we want you to be satisfied as you are always in safe hands

Area Information

It is located at the foot of the Jura mountains between Solothurn and Biel. With over 16,000 inhabitants, it is one of the larger towns of the canton of Solothurn. The city is well known for its watch industry, that has been present for more than 150 years.Although Grenchen is a small city, it has its own airport with facilities for the transport of goods.

It is mostly used by private pilots and parachutists, but also for business travel. The freeway A5 and a connection to Grenchen lie in the vicinity of the airport.Two railway stations (Grenchen North on the Basel-Biel line and Grenchen South on the Geneva-Zurich line) provide for an excellent connection of the city on the rail network. The Grenchen Tunnel, an 8.5 km long railroad tunnel that was built between 1911 and 1915, offers a connection between the Swiss plateau and Delémont/Basel. Construction of the tunnel attracted many foreign workers to Grenchen, coming mostly from Italy.. Grenchen has an own bus company "BGU". The bus lines connect Grenchen wth Bettlach, Lengnau, Büren, Rüti and Selzach


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