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St Gallen allows you to travel in luxury. Private jet charter from locations with the UK and Europe offers you a door to door service. At every airport we provide handling agents to take care of you once you arrive. When you decide to charter a private jet with Charter-a we want you to be satisfied as you are always in safe hands

Area Information

The A1 motorway links St. Gallen with St. Margrethen, Zurich, Bern and Geneva. In 1987 the city motorway was opened, which conveys the traffic through two tunnels (Rosenberg and Stefanshorn) almost directly below the city center.

St. Gallen has its own small airport Airport St. Gallen-Altenrhein near Lake of Constance, with regular flights to Vienna and other destinations.

St. Gallen is closely tied to the national Swiss Federal Railways network and has InterCity connections to Zurich and the Zurich International Airport every half an hour. St. Gallen is the hub for many private railways such as the Südostbahn (SOB), connecting St. Gallen with Lucerne, the Appenzeller Bahnen with connections to Appenzell and the Trogenerbahn to Trogen, which also serves as a tram in downtown.

The town has a dense local bus transportation system operated by the VBSG, which is well established on the valley floor and less on the hills. As St. Gallen is located near the Appenzell mountain area, it offers also many Postauto (post bus) connections. The agglomeration also has its own S-Bahn System (overground local trains).
The large urban area Zurich is about 80 km south-west of St. Gallen and is reachable by car in about 50–90 minutes depending on traffic and by ICN train in 65 minutes.

Alternative Airports

Friedrichshafen Airport (FDH), Leutkirch-Unterzeil Airport (EDNL), Mollis Airport (LSMF), Mengen-Hohentengen Airport (EDTM), Dubendorf Airport (LSMD), Biberach a.d. Riß Airport (EDMB), Neuhausen ob Eck Airport (EDSN), Memmingen Allgau Airport (FMM), Zürich Airport (ZRH), Laupheim Airport (ETHL), Donaueschingen-Villingen Airport (EDTD), Mindelheim-Mattsies Airport (EDMN), Emmen Airport (QES), Buochs Airport (BXO), Samedan Airport (SMV), Alpnach Air Base (LSMA), Landsberg Lech Airport (ETSA), Lechfeld Airport (ETSL), Ambri Airport (LSPM)


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