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Its already started, requests for helicopter charter to Silverstone 2014 Grand Prix are on demand. We are offering shuttles flights to avoid the traffic in and around Silverstone and exclusive VIP helicopters to collect you from your preferred location with the UK.

Also available are chauffeur cars to assist in getting you to the helicopter if a landing site is not convenient to you. Travel in style and enjoy the views of Silverstone on race day, as helicopters in and out of Silverstone is the most suitable method of travel when taking friends, clients or families to this great sporting event.

In 2013 Charter-a flew over 175 passengers into Silverstone and out again, and we failed to disappoint - our designated Silverstone operator is on hand over the weekend to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Private Charter Quote

Mike Loughney - in 2013 I drove to watch the Grand Prix, had a great day until it was time to go home! It took 4 hours to leave the car park. In 2012 I decided to book a helicopter from Redhill to Silverstone with Charter-a, what a great stress free experience. I was taken direct into the circuit with spectacular views along the way, and even better I was back at home by 6.00pm and my day was one to remember - Thank you Martin


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