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Citation Jets to charter throughout the UK, Europe, USA and UAE

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Private Citation Jets are available at short notice and are in place to reduce any repositioning costs from the Citation Mustang through to the Citation X so whether you need a short European trip to Geneva or a trip to a business meeting in Dubai we can cater for all your needs - call the operations team today on +44 (0)1737 823733

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Citation Mustang

The Citation Mustang has 4 seating capacity and ideal for short hops to destinations throughout the UK and Europe

Citation Ultra

This luxury midsize Jet has a passenger capacity of 8 viewed as a smooth comfortable aircraft with an ideal blend of speed, size and payload

Citation Jet 2+

Fantastic reliability and ultra low cabin noise, this aircraft has a side facing jump seat offering seating for up to 8 people

Citation Sovereign

This private jet accommodates up to 8 passengers, with two turbofan engines it meets all requirements of your looking at long haul flights

Citation XLS

8 Passenger capacity aircraft with wider seats. This midsize jet will allow you to do business whilst on the plane

Citation Mustang

The largest in the fleet this aircraft is popular with business executives wishing to utilise the cabin as a mobile office and meeting room

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